Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey Ronald, you Printed this out to USE Against ME, Geez YOU are Grasping, Don't WORRY Dude, the JUDGE will Give you what you WANT, already has.

Seems like Ronald Green Printed that Post for his big FAT Hypocritical, Jaded, Evidence FILE against that Pesky Constitutional Rights Blogger Crystal Cox.

Get Em' Ron..

But Really, why work so hard, you know the Judge Will Give ya whatever you want.. Seriously DuDe, just chill.. Don't get all stressed, you may lose your "hair"...

Getting a judge to ISSUE that Preliminary BULLSHIT Injunction, when you know its unlawful and unconstitutional, WOW. Whatever Spell you have over this JUDGE is long lasting, so why bother printing more proof of how DURN bad and Evil I am .. .

Ron Green Stalks my Blogs Daily for things to use against me in his NEWEST outrageous filing. Ron Green flat out lies to a federal judge about a federal bond ,and has no reprecusion. Ron Green is above the Law, no doubt about it...

Luckily those Hypocritical Asshole Attorneys do KNOW the law, see, then when you hire them they can take the opposite approach as in the Glen Beck Case and the Irina Chevaldina Case.

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