Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elie Mystal of Above the Law and Forbes. More notes on the Public Lynching, Internet Mobbing, Criminal Endangerment of Joseph Rakofsky. Keep in mind Folks, wouldn't you rather have your Attorney Remove himself from your Murder Defense, then to proceed if he did not feel ready? Why did the Judge and these Gang Stalking Attorneys Lynch Joseph Rakofsky? Really?

Elie Mystal of Above the Law, and we know who is Legal Counsel for Above the Law, Anyway Elie Mystal of Above the Law chimes into to the lying, internet mobbing public lynching of Joseph Rakofsky.

"And This Is How We Turn Good People Into Unethical Lawyers" ~ Elie Mystal

And boy does Elie Mystal of Above the Law, know how to publicly disgrace "Good People" and Paint them out to be "Unethical Lawyers". 

Also Note, just as Alleged Co-Conspirator Kashmir Hill, Elie Mystal uses Forbes as a platform of Internet Mobbing as well.

     Elie Mystal of Above the Law and the Internet Mobbing of Joseph Rakofsky.

"If you are wondering why people sometimes make fun of Touro and other very low-ranked law schools, it’s because this kind of stuff is straight-up embarrassing. Good schools try to not let people like this into to law school, and they certainly don’t let them depart so poorly trained."


What gives ELIE MYSTAL the right to Thrash,  Joseph Rakofsky and the Touro Law School, because an attorney was brave enough to quite a case he felt for whatever reason he may not be the best defense for someone fighting for their life?

Elie Mystal Says, its "straight up embarassing"... hmmm is it? Really?

So what is a GOOD School for GOOD Attorneys, Elie Mystal ? Maybe the Barry University School of Law or how about Georgetown University Law Center? Certainly only SMART not so  "straight up embarassing" attorneys come out of that school.

Elie Mystal is massively generalizing, while at the same time targeting Joseph Rakofsky and ruining his life and reputation based on NON-Facts and only writing what is Told to be the FACTS by the Gang Stalking Internet Mob out to Win their own cases, and collect massive attorney fees in the meantime.

Elie Mysta says, "So the report not only makes Rakofsky look like an idiot, but an unethical idiot at that." WOW, it Does? Sure seems to make Elie Mysta Look Like and unethical IDIOT to me, but that's just my OPINION. Cuz ummm.. I READ.

Look Deeper Folks, maybe what you are really seeing is an extremely RARE sighting of an ETHICAL Attorney. And well a Judge who did not want his schedule messed up, and a person on TRIAL for MURDER who deserves the best, most truthful defense.

Dig Deep folks, read the documents of PROOF if you want to know. Don't trust me or any of those Internet Mobbing Gang Stalking Attorneys and the Big Media Connected to them, read the documented facts yourself. BEFORE you Report.

And if you don't have time to read the documents, read depositions, listen to hearings, watch videos, interview insiders, then SHUT THE FUCK UP, that SIMPLE.

You are ruining lives by regurgitating other people's OPINION of a court decision you know NOTHING about.

TOTALLY TONS.. More coming soon on ALL these Lying, Mobbing Assholes, and also Joseph Rakofsky may want to look into Fox News and other big media connections of the Puppeteer, his sister, and who used to work for Big Media that is now part of the Internet Mobbing of Joseph Rakofsky.

Got some documented facts? eMail me at so I can post them at the top of the search engines and EXPOSE the EVIL Internet Mobbing, gang stalking attorney THUGS on the wrong side of the law, and nor where near the right side of the Moral Compass.

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